We at Trilite by [OPTI] were given the task of an extremely custom build in the form of a uniquely designed Truck Rack for a Toyota Tundra, referred to us by one of our long-time friends, G&I Automotive.

Upon meeting with the client, we came to realise that this was going to be an amazing opportunity for all those involved. It started with a concept the client had from a previous purchase that wouldn’t fit his truck and morphed into what is pictured. It was requested that the rack be removable in order to accommodate his tonneau cover, fit the curve of the truck frame side-to-side and bottom-to-top, include a large bracing tube across the back to avoid his 4-wheeler bumping into the window all-the-while not interrupting his view, and incorporate a custom designed logo plate for both sides. Trilite Custom Truck Rack 1 768x1024 - Custom Truck Rack for a Toyota Tundra

Trilite Custom Truck Rack 3 1024x768 - Custom Truck Rack for a Toyota Tundra

We undertook this challenge and adapted our traditional products while leaning on one of our trusted suppliers, Virtucom Metals, to create the custom logo with their laser cutter. The finished product is beyond the expectations of the client and he couldn’t be happier.

Trilite Custom Truck Rack 6 1024x768 - Custom Truck Rack for a Toyota TundraIMG 1570 768x1024 - Custom Truck Rack for a Toyota Tundra

We like to work on distinctive and outsanding projects which are visually exciting and also really functional. As a market leader in bespoke custom fabrication with unrivalled lead times in Europe and North America, our talented team are able to create unique imaginative aluminium structures.

We also offer a free Design Line service to assist customers in taking their project from initial concept to a finished design. Don’t hesitate in contact us if you have an idea to build.